• Why my fields are not showing?

    If you are using Buddypress 1.7, you need to check if you have the new hook «bp_custom_profile_edit_fields_pre_visibility». Check in your edit.php (/your-theme/members/single/profile/edit.php, if this page is not in your theme, check in buddypress plugin in bp-themes/bp-default folder) and register page (/your-theme/registration/register.php, if this page is not in your theme, check bp-default theme of buddypress plugin) if this line of code:

    If you don’t see it, you must add it just before the code of visibility settings.

    With Buddypress 2.0, things changed. The new template used by buddypress in edit.php is:

    If your file edit.php don’t have this code, you should not see the fields created with this plugin, so you need to update your template edit.php and also register.php with this code. You only need replace all the content mainly php between this line «<div>» and this line «do_action( ‘bp_custom_profile_edit_fields_pre_visibility’ );». The old templates should look like this: