• 25/04/2016: 2.4.6

    • Emails, Images, Files links were not working since last update 2.4.5. This is because Autolink feature makes no sense for this type of fields.
    • Added a new method to all Field Type classes overriding «display_filter» method. This method will handle the way the field values are displayed.
    • Email: When you enable autolink, you will see the buddypress search link. If you disable autolink, you will see the «mailto» link.
    • Image, File: For this type of field, Autolink is not working. It does not matter you enable/disable it, you will always see the same value displayed.
    • Added new filters to change the way the fields are displayed. You can use now ‘bxcft_NAMEOFTYPE_display_filter’ to change the way the field are displayed. Replace NAMEOFTYPE with the name of the type like «birthdate», «email», «web», … Please stop using ‘bxcft_show_field_value’. This filter will be removed in version 3.0.
    • Added a filter to change the upload dir for images and files. ‘bxcft_upload_dir’. Override this filter to change the folder where files and images are saved.
    • Translation file and spanish language updated.